Samsung seria OMN, ecrane profesionale

  • Window display
  • Rezoluție FHD
  • Luminozitate foarte mare – 4000 nit
  • Intrenal player
  • Funcționare 24/7
  • Sistem de operare Tizen 4.0 (VDLinux)
  • Diagonale disponibile: 46”, 55”

Specificații tehnice


55'', Disponibil și cu diagonala de 46”


1920*1080 (Full HD)


0.53 x 0.53

Zonă display activ [mm]

1018.08(H) x 572.67(V), 1209.6(H) x 680.4(V)


4000 nit



Unghi de vizibilitate


Timp de răspuns


Culori Display

8bit – 16.7M

Color Gamut


Timp de operare




H-Scanning Frequency

15 ~ 135KHz (HDMI), 30 ~ 135KHz (DP)

V-Scanning Frequency

24 ~ 75Hz (HDMI)

Maximum Pixel Frequency





DP1.2 (Loop-out), HDMI 2.0 (Loop-out)


HDMI 2.0 (2)


HDCP 2.2



Class A



Sursa de alimentare

AC 100 – 240 V~ (+/- 10 %), 50/60 Hz

Consum de energie
Consum Maxim[W/h]

350, 450

Consum Tipic [W/h]

210, 276

Mod Repaus [W]

less than 0.5

Dimensiuni (mm)
Dimensiune produs [mm]

1062 x 616.6 x 54.5, 1254.2 x 725 x 54.5

Greutate (kg)
Greutate produs [kg]


Conditii de functionare

0 ℃ ~ 30 ℃


10 % ~ 80 %

Caracteristici cheie

ecran de vitrină de luminozitate mare cu o singură față, cu media player încorporat, High brightness Semi-Outdoor Slim & Clean back design Built-in MagicInfo Player S7, SSSP 7.0


Cortex A72 1.7GHz Quad-Core CPU

Memorie Cache

L1 Instruction Cache : 48KB L1 Data Cache : 32KB L2 Cache : 2MB

Clock speed


Memorie Interfata

2.5GB LPDDR4 1.5GHz 64bit

Memorie Stocare

8GB (3.88GB Occupied by O/S, 4.12GB Available)


Video Decoder – MPEG 1/2/4, H.263, H.264/AVC – UHD H.264/AVC, VC-1, AVS/AVS+, MVC – VP8, VP9, HEVC, JPEG Audio DSP(Decoder) – MPEG, AC3, AC4, DD, MP3 and etc

Porturi I/O

USB 2.0

Sistem de operare

Tizen 4.0 (VDLinux)

Accesoriu - dispozitiv extern de media
Media Player Extern

SBB, Signage player box

Tip suport


Consultanță, livrare, montaj

Cele mai multe modele sunt pe stoc, termenul de livrare și montaj este între 1 zi și crește până la aprox. 6-8 săptămâni în funcție de disponibiltate. Alegera apartelor, cu softurile necesare necesită cunoștințe în domeniu. Ca să primiești de ce ai nevoie, te rugăm să ne contactezi.

Caracteristici, beneficii

Seria OMN de la Samsung este destinată să atragă priviri cu imaginea clară și luminoasă. E un instrument extrem de eficient pentru cine își dorește vizibilitate mare.

Promote content in any storefront window

Foster brilliant presentation for all

Featuring 4,000nit brightness and a high contrast ratio of 5,000:1, the OMN Series’ display remains bright and clear. Deliver an uncompromised picture that will capture the attention of potential customers – even in direct sunlight.

Foster brilliant presentation for all

* “Conventional” refers to Samsung’s OMD-W series.

Modernize space with slim design

The OMN Series delivers an immersive content with a remarkably slim 54.5mm depth. Its compact size makes the display a natural extension of the store, as opposed to an addition that ties up valuable space.

* “Conventional” refers to Samsung’s OMD-W series.

Modernize space with slim design

Streamline content management

SThe OMN Series’ embedded MagicINFO Player S6, backed by the powerful TIZEN operating system, boosts the display’s overall performance, allowing for easy content management and ensuring seamless content transition and playback.

Streamline content management

Deliver vibrant content with efficiency

The OMN Series addresses energy efficiency by consuming less power than conventional displays* while delivering a brilliant picture and spectacular performance. As a result, retailers are equipped with a superior, more engaging display that offers greater control over costs.

Deliver vibrant content with efficiency

* Conventional displays refer to Samsung’s OMD-W series.

Durable Performance

With IP5X-validated dust protection and a proprietary 3-step process to prevent damage from overheating, OMN series displays stand the test of time.

Durable Performance

Clutter-Free Configuration

Cable guide and embedded Wi-Fi provide clean, organized look and allow for content and firmware updates without the need for additional messy cables.

Clutter-Free Configuration

* Product specification may vary by size and region.

Award-winning digital signage solution

The Samsung OMN and OMN-D Series has been recognized by leading digital signage industry awards. The displays received the AV Display Innovation of the Year from the AV News Awards and Best All-Weather Display from the TNT Awards for smart design, flawless clarity and brightness.

AV Display Innovation of the Year

AV Display Innovation of the Year

“Samsung OMN and OMN-D series, its brand new semi-outdoor displays available in 46 and 55-inch, are designed with a storefront window display in mind and capture viewers’ minds with comprehensive innovation. Brilliant, vibrant images with superior picture quality, high brightness….”

Displays: All Weather Displays

Displays: All Weather Displays

“Samsung’s OMN Series not only delivers an image with flawless clarity but is also designed to maintain superior picture quality even when exposed to direct sunlight. With slim and sleek design, the OMN series is compatible with any window layout and can complement the style of any brand.”